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Who We Are?

Guzella specializes in bringing your favorite women's clothing pieces together in an elegant, stylish way. This means that you can get unique, limited-edition skirts and pants that are truly going to rise your collections.

We are proud to be one of the world's leading fashion brands, which have been focused on manufacturing women's pants and skirts for both retail and wholesale.

The company founded in 1974 as a small boutique in Anatolia, and has been growing for becoming where we are today.

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Our History: Experience and Innovation

As a part of the GPR Group, since the 1974, we manufactured our own fashion collection under the label of Guzella. In that days, we were producing all women’s clothing items such as tops, bottoms, and outwears. After 30 years in women's clothing, we have decided to focus on a more niche market. Today, Guzella is a clothing company that specializes in high-end skirts and trousers for all women around the world.

Guzella Experience and Innovation

We believe that our success comes from changing as the world changes.Besides  keeping our passion and vision as they are.

We have 3 subsidiaries in Russia, USA, and UK. We also made an effort to digitize all business processes.

We always have a passion for making the art of designing, inovation, and romance the forefront of our philosophy.

We use our unique perspective and passion for design our products too, as every other part of the process. We design, develop and manufacture more than 1000 different models every year. When we design, we take our inspiration from real stories of women from across the world. We found every one of our customer's magical aspects and valued differences as they deserve. With the inspiration we get from them, we design and produce clothes that are comfortable, chic, allowing women to carry out their daily routine with confidence and ease. We aim to create timeless, classic pieces by keeping quality and fit at the forefront of our minds.

Thanks to that passion carry us today, we’ve been reaching more than 100 countries. And we always keep going for more.

Trust People From All Over The World Designing: Passionate Details

To create exclusive fashion collections, our design team always use exclusive prints and patterns. We adore the attention to details that defines our products. We place a high value on fabric quality. And we're particularly proud of our flattering fit and finishes. Our success is dependent on our ability to create clothing lines that are desirable to unique women.

Today, Guzella is a niche women's clothing brand that designs beautiful clothing for special occasions in life. With the perfect balance of glamour and elegance, our collections are always made to be red carpet ready, passion and sophistication.

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